Have you read Carnage yet?


One unspeakable act. The Blood Conversion. A vicious murder.
And Carnage emerged.

He never wanted this life. He didn’t choose it. He didn’t deserve it.
But Carnage sure as hell embraced it, just not in the way anyone expected.

One single act of violence and a chance encounter changed his life forever. Transformed into the brutal killer that now runs the Ravaged Souls Motorcycle Club, he’s never forgotten the twist of fate that condemned his soul for all eternity.
When the past collides with the present he’ll have to decide if he’ll continue to live up to his name or give up everything for a chance at true redemption. Trouble is, when you’re consumed with vengeance, there’s only one path to follow and it’s usually filled with Carnage.

The Ravaged Souls MC aren’t your average bikers and they live by an entirely different code – sacrifice, revenge, loyalty, and brutal violence.

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