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The Biker’s Gift: Holiday Sasha & Bodie Part 1 (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #1)

The Biker’s Gift

Bound in Blood: Holiday Sasha & Bodie Part 2 (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #2)

Bound in Blood (link coming soon)

Ridin’ for Hell (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #3)

Ridin’ for Hell

Devil’s Ride (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #4)

Devil’s Ride

Papa Noel: Holiday (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #5)

Papa Noel

Hell’s Fury (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #6)

Hell’s Fury

The Biker’s Wish: Holiday (Royal Bastards MC Tonopah, NV #7)

The Biker’s Wish (link coming soon)

Rose Red: A Dark Gothic Romance

Rose Red

Dungari Rise (Alien Alphas of Pilathna #1)

Dungari Rise

Dungari Reclaim (Alien Alphas of Pilathna #2)

Dungari Reclaim

Vindicator: Braxtharian Warriors #1 (Galactic Conclave)


Scarred: Braxtharian Warriors #2 (Galactic Conclave)


Renegade: Braxtharian Warriors #3 (Galactic Conclave)


Rage Beast Mate: D.R.A.R.B. Penitentiary (Galactic Conclave)

Rage Beast Mate

NightBorne (previously NightWalkers) Saga:

Dark Promise #1

Portrait of young couple in love posing

Dark Promise

Dark Vengeance #2

Dark Vengeance

Dark Persuasion #3

Dark Persuasion

Bitten: Crimson Covenant #1 (NightBorne)


Carnage: Ravaged Souls MC #1 (NightBorne)


Black Magic Voodoo (Mystic Hallows Harem Episode #1)

Black Magic Voodoo

Toil & Trouble (Mystic Hallows Harem Episode #2)

Toil & Trouble

Witching Hour (Mystic Hallows Harem Episode #3)

Witching Hour

Third Eye Blind (Mystic Hallows Harem Episode #4)

Third Eye Blind

Day of the Dead (Mystic Hallows Harem Episode #5)

Day of the Dead

Sins of the Father (Ravage Riders MC #1)

Sins of the Father

Sinners & Saints (Ravage Riders MC #2)

Sinners & Saints

Tarek (Lords of Wrath MC #1)


Haunted Wolf (Cedar Creek Shifters #1)

Haunted Wolf

Obsessed Wolf (Cedar Creek Shifters #2)

Obsessed Wolf

Possessive Wolf (Cedar Creek Shifters #3)

Possessive Wolf

Ground Zero (Last of Us #1) Ty, Zeke, & Natalie Part 1

Ground Zero

Lone Survivor (Last of Us #2) Sawyer & Bailee Part 1

Lone Survivor

Roulette Run (Last of Us #3) Iron Renegades MC – Lenny & Angel Part 1

Roulette Run

Onyx (Sinners Syndicate #1)


Harleigh (Volatile Vixens #1)


Dark Reign (Twisted Fates #1)

Dark Reign

Wicked Intentions (Five Realms Academy #1)

Wicked Intentions

Alice in Chains (A Twisted Wonderland)

Alice in Chains

Light of Lumin (formerly Fight for Light):

The Guardian #1

The Guardian on Amazon

The Harbinger #2

The Harbinger on Amazon

The Meridian #3

The Meridian on Amazon

The Imposition #4

The Imposition on Amazon

The Revenant #5

The Revenant on Amazon

The Awakening #6

The Awakening on Amazon

The Covenant #7

The Covenant on Amazon

Fractured #8


Silver Moon #9

Silver Moon

Angels of Lumin:

Fallen from Grace #1

Fallen from Grace

Seduction of Darkness #2

Seduction of Darkness

Freedom Fighters:

Refugee Road #1

Refugee Road

Midnight Surrender #2

Midnight Surrender

Crimson Dawn #3

Coming 2021


The Gift #1

The Gift