Vampyre are real…

“Vampyre are real. They exist. In the deepest darkest dungeons, the hidden alcoves and creepy corridors of the night, and in your nightmares, both conscious and unconscious. They lurk, cloaked in shadow and mystery, waiting for the moment of total surprise.  


They feed. They suck. They pierce the thin layers of epidermis, straight down to the artery. In giddy excitement they yearn for the rich flow of crimson euphoria to burst upon their tongue. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy they circle their prey, singularly focused on their yearning.


Vampyre crave the bitter metallic taste of human blood. Its scent drives them wild, almost in desperation to consume until they are sated. A burning need that propels and drives their raging thirst.


Cursed to walk the endless night they hunt for their next victim, fangs of simultaneous death and pleasure ready to sink into your quivering flesh. An aphrodisiac of intense desire and total abandonment of your will. Your senses come alive, driven by the sudden flash of liquid heat and an orgasmic burst of undeniable ecstasy.


But it is a lie. You will die. You are already dying and in a few minutes you will know your doom is forever sealed. The ease and peaceful blanket of the compulsion will pull you into a sordid embrace, force you under a false sense of security, until you are released or bled dry.


Every last drop of your blood gone.


Consumed. Brittle. Emaciated.


It is this precise moment that the shocking and brutal truth awakens your tingling senses. You scream. You fall to the ground. You clutch with desperate fingers at the torn and jagged edges of your carotid artery, but nothing will stop the final beats of your shocked and empty heart.


You have been depleted.


I have seen the creatures of darkness that own the night. I have witnessed the horror and awe of their power, of a super human strength and agility, of eyes that burn in fiery haze, and the vicious monster always lurking within. I have walked among them, lifted my arms in supplication, and I have surrendered my will, all in the name of love.”

–Mare, Dark Vengeance

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2 thoughts on “Vampyre are real…

  1. Fun fact about vampires: They don’t fit the standard predator-prey relationship modeled by a differential equation. For those of us who like differential equations, this is annoying (aside from the obvious blood-draining thing.)


    1. That is the entirety of my point. My characters are the exact opposite, they don’t fit any mold. I purposely started this passage out that way to intrigue readers but as you read my book you realize fitting the typical stereotype is not what my stories are about. Perhaps it is annoying, but I got you thinking, which is good. 🙂 And the prey-predator relationship is about so much more than just primal instinct. Another topic I pursue in the book. Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy sharing points of view.


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