The Gift paperback is now available!

I’m excited to announce that you can now own a paperback copy of The Gift on Amazon. Read about Gemma’s story. Order yours today!

Gemma Harding is a clairvoyant. Since she was a child she’s seen the dead and helped cross the souls of those who have departed into the light. Her life is complicated but consistent, as normal as someone like her could ever have. She embraces her calling, determined to help those who cannot help themselves.

When Gemma becomes involved in the case of a young girl’s disappearance, she is plunged into the path of a series of gruesome murders and thrust at the forefront of a desperate search for a serial killer. Gemma must use all of her wits to defeat him and help solve the case before she becomes a victim herself. As more girls turn up missing, the fight to stop the killer becomes more deadly at every turn.

Will Gemma be able to help her lost soul and defeat an evil so unimaginable that her very life is on the line?

It’s only a quick BITE.

It’s only a quick BITE.
5 Star Review: “This lady can write, beautifully, weaving a tale of epic love between a soulless vampire and a human woman. Their love is conveyed artistically and in such a way that I found myself gasping for more with each turn of the page.” – Amazon Customer

A tale of epic love in a world locked in a fierce battle between light and darkness…

“In a world full of wrong, you are the only thing that is right.”

Love is the most irrational and enduring emotion known to mankind. Love transcends all barriers and breaks through every obstacle. If love is as strong as it seems, can love find its way back to two souls torn apart, ravaged by time and uncertainty, and confused and concealed by a dark spell? Find out in book #5 in the Fight for Light novels: The Revenant. Will Baethan fight for Rhiannon’s heart?

Dark and Sinfully Intriguing…

Is there anything more deliciously terrifying than vampires? I love to write about the dark and mysterious world of the vampyre in my NightWalkers series. Love, sacrifice, revenge, blood, debauchery, special powers, curses…
What isn’t there to be totally intrigued about?

Check out the books on Amazon or your favorite retailer today!

Check out the new and updated book covers for the Freedom Fighters series.

Check out the new updated book covers for the Freedom Fighters series. The books in order are: Refugee Road #1, Midnight Surrender #2, Crimson Dawn #3, and Into the Sunrise #4. Available at your favorite retailers.

Refugee Road on Amazon

Midnight Surrender on Amazon

Nikki Landis on Smashwords

Refugee Road on Kobo


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