Violent Bones is LIVE!

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💛Violent Bones💛
🖤☠️🔥 ๑ Royal Bastards MC ๑ 🔥☠️🖤
🔥 Tonopah, NV Chapter 🔥
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Violence is a normal part of my life.
I’ve lived it, one way or another, since the day I enlisted.
In the Corps, they called me Ace.
A sharpshooter, I never missed.
But after I retired, I felt restless, searching for meaning until I found Hope’s Refuge.
Mercy took a chance on a cocky Marine.
I found my purpose in handing out justice and helping women and children in need.
So when Mercy asked me to follow his daughter and keep her safe, I thought the job would be easy.
Until I saw her.
Davina is a goddess. The perfect woman. Trouble disguised with a confident, sensual smile.
Getting close to her just might be my downfall.
Not one enemy overseas could take me down, but this feisty Harlot has me locked down and begging for more.
Can I resist falling for her and keep my focus on her safety?

I’ve always been independent. Tough. Lethal.
My daddy didn’t raise a weak woman.
I learned to shoot a gun at twelve and fight in the ring with my brother at thirteen.
Relationships and love aren’t in the cards for me.
I’m too damn picky, and I don’t like to be controlled.
I guess you could say I’m a dominant personality.
I’ve got it all figured out until I meet Ace.
He’s a tattooed, imposing, dark warrior who makes me want to act on all the fantasies in my head.
He’s charming, loyal, and deadly.
This Marine knows how to take charge and gives as good as he gets.
I don’t want to fall in love. I swear he’s just a fling.
And then my stupid heart starts calling the shots, complicating things between us.
When my life is on the line, I can’t help thinking of Ace first.
Can he save me from my enemies before it’s too late?

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Twisted Devil, Royal Bastards MC is LIVE!

The Royal Bastards MC is mine.
My club. My family. My salvation.
And I will do anything to protect it.
I’m brutal. Crazy. Ruthless. And I won’t apologize for it.
I never believed I would love anything as much as being SAA and taking the Devil’s Ride. Becoming a Reaper and patching in with the RBMC were the best decisions I ever made.
Until I met Nylah.
The feisty nurse owns my black soul.
She’s become the most important person in my world.
My life in the club is too dangerous for her, but I won’t give her up.
She’s an obsession. An addiction. The light to my darkness.
A liability.
When my past surfaces, along with all the bad things I’ve done in the name of vengeance, I know I have to let her go.
It’s the only way to keep her safe.
Losing Nylah forces the monster within to break free and lash out.
Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.
It’s the shocking truth that unleashes the beast I’ve tried so hard to contain.
The twisted devil inside is done with following the rules.
My Reaper is willing to risk everything, even a deal with the devil, to save Nylah.
And there isn’t any place where my enemies will be able to hide.

* For best enjoyment, it is highly recommended that Ridin’ for Hell and Devil’s Ride are read before Twisted Devil.

*** Note: This book includes steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, violence, dark content, a paranormal twist, and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who take charge, this book is for you.

Sins of the Father is Live!

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☠Sins of the Father☠

Series: Ravage Riders MC

Author: Nikki Landis

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Welcome to Providence, where the Ravage Riders reign.

Edge, the son of the former VP for the Ravage Riders, is a broken, bitter man. He’s lost the only woman he ever loved, locked away in prison for a bar fight that escalated because of his temper. After three years, he’s finally returning home, but things aren’t the same. His father lives in exile, banished for crimes that nearly tore the club apart. Now, an imposter sits on the throne as president, and Edge swears his vengeance.

There’s a war brewing with the Riders’ rival Satan’s Outlaws, and the picturesque, friendly city of Providence is now the center of a bloody turf war. The local police don’t want to see their town corrupted by outlaw bikers, but the feud growing between the two clubs is reaching a boiling point.

Then there’s Rae, the sweet, pretty girl that Edge grew up with and the one person not tainted by his life in the club. Three years of regret and loss kept them separated, and now she’s buried in Witness Protection. Edge is determined to find Rae, even if he has to lie, cheat, steal, or kill to make it happen.

He’ll do anything to keep his woman, his brothers in the club, and the town safe, but the threat they’re under collides with the past. Edge is forced to seek answers about his father’s past sins, but if he isn’t careful, Edge might end up right back behind bars, and that’s something he can’t allow.

✸✸✸ Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, violence, dark content, a paranormal twist, and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who take charge, this book is for you.



➜ #2 Sinners & Saints

➜ #3 Sin’s Betrayal

Eternally Mine is Live!

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❤☠️ ๑🖤♦️๑ Eternally Mine, RBMC ๑♦️🖤๑ ☠️❤

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❤🔥♦️๑ Blurb ๑♦️🔥❤

I made a promise.

When my best friend died, I swore to protect his younger sister.

Laramie was off-limits. She wasn’t mine, and she never would be. It didn’t matter what I wanted because I couldn’t touch her.

When she’s attacked and almost kidnapped, I swear to keep her safe.

When she’s thrust into the club’s war against the Scorpions, I beg her to follow orders.

When she presses her lips to mine, I fight to remain in control.

And when I look into her eyes, I know I’ll protect her with every breath in my body.

I never expected to fall in love.

And now the monster who murdered her brother in cold blood is back to finish the job. He wants Laramie, but he won’t take her from me.

What we have is eternal. I’ll take that to the grave.

I’m a prospect for the Royal Bastards, and this MC has a deadly secret. If it’s a monster who wants to play, he’s about to receive a shock.

Reapers are the deadliest monsters of all.

*** For best enjoyment, it is highly recommended that Devil’s RideHell’s Fury, and The Biker’s Wish are read before Eternally Mine.

☠️ Royal Bastards MC: Tonopah, NV ☠️

Suggested reading order:

The Biker’s Gift

Bloody Mine

Ridin’ for Hell

Devil’s Ride

Hell’s Fury

Grave Mistake

Papa Noel

The Biker’s Wish

Eternally Mine

Twisted Devil (7/19/22)

TBA (10/28/22)

Santa Biker (12/23/22)

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The Biker’s Wish is LIVE!

♦️๑ NEW RELEASE ๑♦️🎀🎁☠️ The Biker’s Wish ☠️🎁🎀

Series: Royal Bastards MC 🔥 Tonopah, NV Chapter 🔥

Author: Nikki Landis❄️🎁 Order Today 🎁❄️

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☃️ Blurb:

From shadow, I was born, and from shadow, I will rise …

They took my angel from me and stole her without mercy. It’s been five months since I lost her, and the ache still won’t go away. She’s gone, and I have to live every single day knowing she died and I couldn’t save her. I was too late. Much too naïve to go up against ruthless men who sell others for selfish gain. Stefanie was my first love. The girl that understood my darkness and balanced it with her light. Her ghost is everywhere I look. Her last breath carved into my heart, leaving nothing but a jagged scar. But it’s not over. Her pain, her misery, her last cry on this earth have become my strength and motivation. I can’t let it end like this. I won’t allow the men who harmed her to breathe when she can’t. I’ll find them. Every. Last. One. Vengeance? Justice? That’s only the beginning. Merry bloody Christmas. This holiday season I’m the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future … and none will escape my Reaper or his wrath.

* For best enjoyment it is highly recommended that Hell’s Fury and Devil’s Ride are read before The Biker’s Wish.

Catch up with the other books in the Tonopah, NV Chapter Link:✔️

Website/Series Links:✔️

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🎁☠ ๑ The Biker’s Wish ๑ ☠🎁 Series: Royal Bastards MC Author: Nikki Landis Release: 12/17/21 🔥 Tonopah, NV Chapter 🔥🎁 ☠ 𝓟ℛ𝓔𝓞ℛ𝓓𝓔ℛ 𝓣𝓞𝓓𝓐𝓨 ☠ 🎁☃️ Universal Link: US: UK: CA: AU: ☠️ 𝔾𝔼𝕋 ℝ𝔼𝔸𝔻𝕐 ☠️ This holiday season I’m the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future . . . and none will escape my Reaper or his vengeful wrath. #Shadow#NikkiLandis#RoyalBastardsMC#RBMC#Reapers#darkromance#mcromance#mcbook#suspense#romanticsuspense#pnr#paranormalromance#romance#love#oneclick#instagood#bookworm#comingsoon#preorder#Christmas#TheBikersWish

Have you read Carnage yet?

One unspeakable act. The Blood Conversion. A vicious murder.
And Carnage emerged.

He never wanted this life. He didn’t choose it. He didn’t deserve it.
But Carnage sure as hell embraced it, just not in the way anyone expected.

One single act of violence and a chance encounter changed his life forever. Transformed into the brutal killer that now runs the Ravaged Souls Motorcycle Club, he’s never forgotten the twist of fate that condemned his soul for all eternity.
When the past collides with the present he’ll have to decide if he’ll continue to live up to his name or give up everything for a chance at true redemption. Trouble is, when you’re consumed with vengeance, there’s only one path to follow and it’s usually filled with Carnage.

The Ravaged Souls MC aren’t your average bikers and they live by an entirely different code – sacrifice, revenge, loyalty, and brutal violence.

Have you pre-ordered Carnage yet?

“Don’t you believe in nightmares?” she asked, biting the edge of her lip, half afraid I’d move in for the kiss she didn’t say that she wanted. No, needed.

“No, nightmares are my playground, pet.” My head hung lower as I inhaled her delicious scent. I was two seconds from swooping in and taking what I lusted after and she wasn’t in any position to refuse.

๑۩🩸۩๑ CARNAGE, Ravaged Souls MC ๑۩🩸۩๑

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