We burned like fire…

“He picked me up, suspending my body close to his as his arms held my bottom and hips, his fingers grasping my flesh in near desperation. I leaned down and kissed him, without restraint, my fingers entangled in his luscious dark curls. I loved the silky thick texture of his hair. The way he felt beneath my fingertips as they glided across the heavy strands.

His hands parted my thighs as he wrapped them around his waist and gripped tight. He held me there, his tongue darting into my mouth, exploring and demanding, a dominant need pulsing in his chest and crossing over into mine. I opened to that searing kiss that made my whole body weaken with desire.

He branded me. His.

And I wanted singed by his touch. I wanted him.

The throbbing of his heart, the fast beat, was a rhythm all its own. It fed the passion between us. We burned like fire, sweat glistening on our skin, and mixed with the friction of the contact of our heated bodies. I ached for something entirely unknown to me. A small but persistent tightening in my belly that begged for release.

He leaned against the wall, still holding me, and panted. His breath was fast and shallow. I met his stare, only to see those liquid onyx orbs fixated with a blazing heat and passion that melted my core. My own breathing was accelerated, and I felt the intensity of the moment sucking me in, locking on my brain, and pulling me down into a dark abyss of flaming desire and abandonment of all control…”

The Awakening, A Fight for Light novel #6

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